7 Skincare tips for us lazy people.

Looking to be confident in your skin without having to work out, drink green stuff, or apply £50 worth of makeup to your face?
Your biggest glow-up happens when your skin is as clean and pure as it gets. 
To have the face of your dreams, it’s as simple as following these 7 tips outlined by some of the top dermatologists in the world. 
And they’re so much easier than all of the other skincare tips you’ve heard.
Check these out, try them, and let us know how they work for you!
Tip #1: Eat as well as you can.
We know that it’s not exactly easy to turn down our faves when we’re out on a Saturday night with our friends. If fatty foods are so bad for us, why are they so...so good? 😭
If you can keep your diet limited to the good stuff when it’s not a special occasion, you’ll look SO GOOD when it’s time to hit the town.
Fruits, veggies, lean meat, (all of that boring stuff), are what makes your skin shine. 
Your outsides reflect the health of your insides. Eat right, look right. Easy!
Tip #2: De-stress RIGHT NOW.
Remember what we JUST SAID? Your insides reflect your outsides. 
What does your brain look like? Are you stressed about work, school, your love life? 
Block off two hours on your calendar to do whatever makes you happy. Even if lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling is your vibe, that’s self-love girl. Lay on the floor. Bask in it. Don’t think a single thought. Do. Not. Disturb.
Now, do this every day. Clear skin with no work. 
Tip #3: Keep your routine SIMPLE.
Don’t you just love when you ask that ‘influencer’ on your IG feed to “drop her skincare routine” and she gives you a list of 15 products she uses before she goes to bed each night?
✨ Chill ✨
It’s not that serious. 
You REALLY only need like 2 or 3 products. 2 or 3 GOOD products will actually change your life and make it so much easier to maintain that gawgeous face. 
Keep your bathroom counter free of all of those super complicated products and only use the ones that ACTUALLY matter.
Tip #4: Get the day off your face.
Every time you leave the house, your face goes THROUGH it. 
The weather, the air, the WORLD. It all hits your face and dives deep into your pores. It lives there until you kick it out.
Bring out your inner landlord and evict the dirt from your pores with a Face Scrub, specifically one that uses Vitamin C
Vitamin C nourishes your skin and gives you that baby-faced glow that you’re after. 
Tip #5: Cleanse. It. Out. 
Your face is dirty. (in the best way possible). 
As great as it would be to have just one skincare product to solve every skin issue, it unfortunately does not work that way.
Now that you’ve scrubbed, you need a cleanser to do the actual hard work. A good cleanser will get rid of everything that’s giving you acne by scooping dirt out of your pores. 
This Clear Skin Cleanser is a gift from GOD HERSELF. Try this and watch your acne go far away in a few days.
Tip #6: Everyone wants younger skin, what does that mean?!
“How old are you? 23? 24? You look so good. We could eat you up.”
People say older skin, but what they mean is stressed, aged, pigmented skin, very little to do with the age of skin.
The number 1 reason some girls look ‘older’ than they actually are is because we don’t moisturise.
As we age, the outer skin layer (fancy name - epidermis) thins, and this is advanced if your skin is dry and dirty, so we are all about slowing that process down as much as possible.
Before you go to bed, apply a light moisturizer that won’t make your skin feel greasy and gross. A moisturizer with Coenzyme Q10 helps replace your skin cells and will have you looking young forever. 
Tip #7: Treat yo-self AGAIN
No, this tip is NOT repetitive because we have new information 💅
The final skincare product to end all skincare products? A nice face mask. It’s the mark of a lady who loves herself, and who wouldn’t love YOU? 
If you work hard all day, do yourself a favour and do this:
Apply a face mask when you close your laptop for the day and give yourself the wrinkle-free R&R you deserve.
Bask in the power of all-pink erythang when you apply that Pink Clay Face Mask while reducing redness, dirt, and oil from that perfect face.
Woo hoo! Look at that!
You just gave yourself perfect skin without even really lifting a finger.
Yes, we made it sound easy, but you made it look even easier. 
Go and show off that face to the world, and repeat steps 1 through 7 every day to look 22 until you’re 80. 

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