Skincare Resolutions You Should Make For 2022

Most of us get a little too ambitious in the new year and say we’re going to run a marathon or cut out junk food entirely, but we think we can all agree that neither of these sounds like fun. If you’re looking for new year’s goals that aren’t completely unbearable and that you have a real shot at actually seeing through, it’s time to make some skincare resolutions – pen and paper at the ready!


Put Aside More Time for Self-Care


If you like the sound of having a new year’s resolution that encourages you to relax rather than sweat it out in an intense gym session, this one’s for you.


To make the most of 2022 and stick to all your new year’s resolutions, you’ll want to avoid burnout by dedicating more time to self-care. Face masks are one of our favourite ways to indulge in self-care as you take some much-needed time for yourself whilst the goodness soaks into your skin.


Pink Clay Regenerating Face Mask - £29.95


The past year has been stressful, to say the least, so if you’ve noticed more fine lines than the year before, know you’re not alone. Be kinder to yourself and your skin this new year with our Pink Clay Regenerating Face Mask which works to smooth and prevent fine lines by stimulating cell renewal and collagen production.


As part of your skincare resolutions, dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes every 2-3 days to apply the face mask to stay clear of burnout and achieve optimal results for your skin.


Change Your Pillowcases Every Few Days


Pillowcases can go from what dreams are made of to bacteria-infested in just a few days. They collect dirt, oil, dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria – you get the gist. Even if you’ve cleansed before bed.


Your pillowcases then transfer all of this onto your face, causing breakouts and even irritated or inflamed skin. If you’ve searched high and low for the cause of your pimples but you’re guilty of not changing your pillowcases often enough, you might have just found your culprit.


For fresh, clear skin, make changing your pillowcases every few days a skincare new year’s resolution you don’t budge on.


Stay On Top of Expiry Dates


Did you know that skincare products actually expire? Once opened, they typically have a shelf life of 6 months to a year – a good reason to not skip out on your skincare routine if we ever saw one!


One of your skincare resolutions for the new year should be to keep track of expiry dates, as out-of-date skincare products won’t perform as well as they used to, if at all, so that moisturiser you’ve been using for a year and a half is pretty much useless. And if that wasn’t enough, they can also lead to irritation and bacterial infections.


Typically, the exact date is found on the bottom of the skincare product itself or on the box it came in. Make a note, or set a notification in your digital diary if the thought of using paper in 2022 makes you cringe, of when each skincare product expires, so you can ensure all your skincare products are at the top of their game in the new year.


Go Vegan-Friendly and Animal Cruelty-Free


After going through your bathroom cupboard, you’ve probably realised that half of the skincare products you own are either out of date or soon to be, so why not make a skincare new year’s resolution to go vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free?


Restock with ZenaSkin, a completely vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, PETA-approved skincare range for all skin types. Not only is it better for your skin, but it’s also better for the planet. Name another new year’s resolution that beautifies your skin and helps to save the planet from your bathroom… We’ll wait.


Use a Q10 Moisturiser Before Bed


Perhaps one of the easiest skincare new year’s resolutions as you should already be using a moisturiser of some sort before bed (or so we hope).


You know how we mentioned stimulating cell renewal earlier? Well, applying a Q10 moisturiser right before we go to bed helps with that. The skin naturally regenerates the most while we’re asleep, as it doesn’t have to split its time between defending the skin from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution. So, adding a Q10 moisturiser into the mix will only upgrade your beauty sleep.


Co-Enzyme Q10 Moisturiser - £19.95


Our Co-Enzyme Q10 Moisturiser will help to boost the skin’s natural cell renewal process by giving its cells more energy, making it faster and more efficient. Regular use will leave your skin looking healthier, brighter, and younger in the new year.

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