Zena's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide for Skincare Lovers

Navigating your way through the world of skincare to find gifts for skincare lovers this Christmas can be complicated, like cooking Christmas dinner for 12 people type of complicated. With so many skincare products out there, how are you meant to know which ones are worth spending your hard-earned cash on? Then there’s matching skin type to skincare product, so like we said, it’s a little complicated. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.


Whether you’re on the lookout for small skincare stocking fillers or big under the tree Christmas skincare sets, we put our elf hats on to bring you the very best skincare products for Christmas 2021. The best part? You don’t have to risk getting caught out when asking what their skin type is as everything in our gift guide is suitable for all skin types, so no one has to miss out. But what about our vegan friends? We’ve got that covered too. Zena Skin is completely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 


Be everybody’s favourite person and gift beautiful skin this Christmas. Warning: you may be tempted to buy one of each for yourself.


Clear Skin Cleanser - £14.95


At the very top of our Christmas gift guide is Zena Skin Clear Skin Cleanser, because every skincare routine needs a cleanser for clear skin, right? Kickstart a cold, winter morning with a fruity formula that smells of better days to restore your natural radiance from the very first use. 


Rich in natural fruit extracts, vitamins, and minerals, this face cleanser works like a shot of green juice for tired skin in need of a pick-me-up – Santa may not be able to perform miracles but Zena Skin Clear Skin Cleanser sure can! 


It’ll also reduce and prevent acne by removing excess oils, so you can leave pimples and oily skin in 2021. 


Vitamin C Cleansing Scrub - £14.95


A deep cleansing scrub with vitamin C is a no brainer in our Christmas gift guide for skincare lovers. If you only have one vitamin in your skincare routine, let it be vitamin C. The powerhouse vitamin triggers collagen and elastin production, evens out skin tone, turns up the glow, and provides antioxidant protection against sun damage – the perfect Christmas gift for those looking to cut down their skincare routine.


If you have sensitive skin, the words “deep cleansing scrub” probably sent shivers down your spine, but Zena Skin Vitamin C Cleansing Scrub is sensitive skin-friendly. It’s tough on dirt and bacteria but gentle on your complexion with avocado and coconut oil, so you can achieve that squeaky-clean feel without stripping the skin of essential oils. 


Co-Enzyme Q10 Moisturiser - £19.95


Meet your new favourite moisturiser that can convert that loyal friend who hasn’t changed their moisturiser in 5 years, just hear us out. Co-Enzyme Q10 Moisturiser powers up your skin cells to give them more energy to repair and renew themselves. The result? Reduced sun damage, smoother fine lines and wrinkles, and a glow that you can see from the North Pole whilst delivering intense hydration – consider them converted with this must-try Q10 moisturiser. 


Pink Clay Regenerating Mask - £29.95


Zena Skin Pink Clay Regenerating Mask is a game-changing Christmas gift for those who are a fan of skincare and all things pink. No matter your age, boosting cell renewal and collagen production should be high up on your to-do list for bright, youthful skin. 


Pink clay for the skin is a non-negotiable skincare ingredient for city-goers as it contains purifying minerals that draw out toxins in the skin from pollution, detoxifying and decongesting the complexion as a result. By unblocking pores, Zena Skin Pink Clay Regenerating Mask will also minimise their appearance for flawless makeup application or give you the confidence to go bare-faced. 


The Complete Bundle – Special offer of £64.95


We all know someone who wants to get into skincare but has no idea where to start, and with an A-Z ingredient list to choose from, we can’t say that we blame them. Skincare enthusiasts and amateurs alike will enjoy The Complete Bundle by Zena Skin as it contains everything that you need for a thorough skincare routine in 4 easy-peasy steps. 


This skincare gift set features Zena Skin Clear Skin Cleanser, Vitamin C Cleansing Scrub, Regenerating Pink Clay Face Mask, and Co-Enzyme Q10 Moisturiser – aka the ultimate collection of skincare products for Christmas.

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