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ZenaSkin™ Hair Eraser

ZenaSkin™ Hair Eraser

Reduces Folliculitis (Strawberry Legs)

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No Razor Nicks
Silky Smooth Skin
Completely Painless
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What's the benefits?

Don't worry about razor nicks, Hooray, no blade! Painless and gentle hair removal creates silky smooth skin without ever causing nicks or rashes.
It also reduces the dreaded bacne/butne, ingrown hairs and scarring.
It stimulates lymphatic drainage meaning 'strawberry legs' reduce overtime.

Vegan + Cruelty Free ingredients

How to use

Make sure to use the eraser on dry skin only, wet skin increases friction and can cause burns.
Simply rotate in circular motions with slight pressure, until you notice the skin rubbing off.
This is PAIN FREE, so if you're experiencing pain, you might be giving too much pressure.

Make sure to moisturise after every use!
(Use when needed)

How to use video

Amie is guiding you through every step in this quick tutorial! 😘

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