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Reusable Magic Make-up Remover

Reusable Magic Make-up Remover

Reduces Blocked Pores

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Save £££ on one use wipes
Reduces blackheads
No product needed, just wipe
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What's the benefits?

Cleansing is the key to healthy skin, period.
Our remover needs no chemicals to activate, meaning no drying from nasty products, especially wipes.
Did you know people use one pack of wipes PER WEEK!?

Vegan + Cruelty Free ingredients

How to use

The magic starts with water, cold or warm. No products needed and works brilliantly by itself, gently wipe over the face, no force needed.
No mess and definitely no nasty wipes.

(Use when needed)

How to use video

Amie is guiding you through every step in this quick tutorial! 😘

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all vegan + cruelty free

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