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ZenaSkin™ SuperSoft Bow Headband

ZenaSkin™ SuperSoft Bow Headband

Helps keep your hair away

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Keeps your hair in its place
Perfect for your daily routine
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What's the benefits?

Face masks are amazing, although we hate spending time rinsing out the face mask from our hair afterwards, especially if we have just washed it! Our cute bow style head band keeps the hair in its place while we relax with our fav Pinot and maybe an episode of Gossip Girl, XOXO.

Vegan + Cruelty Free ingredients

How to use

Simply use before your skincare routine, we ALL hate having to pick our products out of our hair after a relaxing routine, this helps!

How to use video

Amie is guiding you through every step in this quick tutorial! 😘

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all vegan + cruelty free

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