ZenaSkin’s Pink Clay Regenerating Face Mask: Your Ticket to a Filter-Free Selfie

There are about a gazillion face masks at varying price points that continue to vie for everyone’s attention. There is a specific face mask for every skin concern there is. So much so that our vanity is filled with all sorts of masks; peel-off masks, clay masks, sheet masks. You name it, everyone probably has it. Each of these promises to be the answer to your skin problems. And it’s a hit or miss. If you are anything like us, you are probably exhausted with trying to fit all these different masks in to your skincare routine to maximise the benefits they offer. 


How great would it be to find a mask that WILL give us the skin we all wanted so we don’t have to slap on a filter every time we post a selfie? 


Well, the good news is, we might have found something that will do just that. Let’s dive into why this pink clay mask might just be the answer to your skin woes.


ZenaSkin is a skincare brand that focuses on no BS skincare. They have developed a skincare line that is not about the name or about the gimmicks. Because after all, what everyone WANTS is a formula that works. So to create it, they have looked at the heart of it all; a healthy skin. 


Our skin has the ability to heal itself; it just needs that little push. The skin is a complex matrix of processes that we would not dare go into detail to. But the point is, the skin is designed to help itself. All we need to do is to give it the resources it might need to do just that. Lucky for us, nature has kindly provided us with everything we need. 


Let’s take a look at what makes ZenaSkin’s Pink Clay Regenerating Face Mask the stuff of dreams.


ZenaSkin has been very transparent with their ingredient list. And we all appreciate that it contains no nasties in it. What it does have is a myriad of natural sources of vitamins and minerals that boosts the skin’s natural processes.


Hydrators and Emollients.

Almost everything in this face mask screams hydration! Aside from other functions, ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that no one will be leaving with a tight-skin feeling after using the mask. Instead, a plumper, bouncy skin shall be revealed after washing off the mask. It contains sodium hyaluronate, the smallest form of hyaluronic acid that can penetrate deep layers of the skin delivering moisture and reducing inflammation. It also contains one of the underrated ingredients, Allantoin, which really deserves more credit. It soothes the skin and prevents water loss through the skin, keeping all the hydration in.


A variety of different oils can be found in this face mask. Contrary to popular belief, oils can be good for your skin; especially if you have oily skin. There are different reasons why we have oily skin; one of them is dry or dehydrated skin. This can cause our oil glands to become overactive. So stripping our skin from oils will actually do more harm than good. With the perfect blend of different oils, we can replenish the oils that are stripped off our skin from washing or exfoliating our skin. We need not worry about oils clogging up our pores, these oils are noncomedogenic. 



As the name suggests, pink clay is one of the main ingredients in the mask and is the star of the show. Kaolin clay is the clay of choice for sensitive skin as it is gentle but still does a good job of clearing out pores. Of course, ZenaSkin does not leave anything to chance. It also contains bentotite clay and green clay to help draw out impurities, control oil and still be calming for irritated skin.


Vitamins and Antioxidants.

Here is where this face mask really shines. It contains different natural sources of vitamins and minerals that helps the skin at a cellular level. Tocopherol, or Vitamin E, is known for helping the immune system and strengthening the skin barrier to protect it against sun damage. It is known for its ability to keep skin moisturised allowing it to heal and minimise scarring. Vitamin A works by stimulating collagen production. This results to improved skin elasticity, so say goodbye to wrinkles and saggy skin. It also promotes skin cell turnover, leading to decreased hyperpigmentation, scars and just an overall even skin tone. Vitamin C, is an antioxidant that improves skin tone, prevent early signs of ageing, and brightens skin by fighting off free radicals and protecting the skin from sun damage. 


Antioxidants work to combat free radicals, the ones responsible for breaking down collagen that leads to unflattering marks on our skin. So yes, we’ll have a good helping of that please. ZenaSkin’s pink clay mask contains ingredients rich in antioxidants to increase our chances of fighting off these skin stressors that causes hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, and dull skin. 


Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial agents.

Don’t worry, all these agents are sourced naturally. Apart from preventing damages to skin, it also helps calm the skin and treat any breakouts and skin irritations. Different fruit extracts are used to give the skin protection and help hasten its healing.


Now, that is a product that has been created with its consumers in mind. This face mask is working harder than a cat at a laser show. And it only takes 10 minutes a couple times a week to get you glowing. 


If this is the sort of thing you are looking for, you know, quick results, no drama, just substance kind of skincare, then check out the rest of their skincare line and forever be #nofilter.

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